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Grossman & Associates is now Grossman Software Solutions!

Okay, So Why Did We Change Our Name?

No, we didn't merge and we haven't been acquired, and we didn't get married either! So why did we change our name?

When Bob Grossman started Grossman & Associates in 1976, he began with himself (Grossman) and a small staff (& Associates). He offered a range of consulting services built around his expertise in the computer industry. As his business grew, Bob and his rapidly expanding team developed packaged software solutions that specifically addressed the needs of agribusinesses. However, while the business grew and evolved the company name and logo remained constant. Although Bob has unfortunately passed away, the company he created and our commitment to serving our customers lives on.

Moving forward, we wanted a name that reflected who we are and our commitment to our customers:

Grossman – Keeping the legacy and extending the vision of our founder, Bob Grossman.

Software – Providing world class software for a wide range of agribusiness applications.

Solutions – Software is great. Solutions are better. At GSS we offer solutions!

+ The plus sign in our logo represents the value added by our loyal employees, and our commitment to making your business better.

AGROSOFT has a new look!


WOW becomes AGEXCEED and has a new look, too!


As part of our long term, forward looking commitments to the AGROSOFT and AGEXCEED platforms, we have chosen a new name for WOW, and new logos for both platforms that we think better capture what these products do for you. Soon, your GSS icons and menus will reflect our new logo/branding. There are no related changes to the actual software you love. This is strictly a name change.

What Does This Mean To Our Customers?

Only good things! New logos for our new stationary and (soon) our newly updated website. In a larger sense, our name change represents our commitment to expanding our product lines and pushing GSS forward into exciting new directions. This means a stronger marketing presence, new features, and new partnerships.

As our company President Gail Miller said, “We want to make sure our name and logo convey to our loyal customers, and potential customers, what GSS is and what we want to accomplish. We see a very bright future for GSS and all of our users.”

Everyone at GSS hopes you like our new name – let us know! And stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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